What time should I arrive?

We ask that everyone should arrive 15 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to start.

Can everyone do a different project/design?

YES! At our workshops you everyone can choose to do something different! Occasionally we do have themed workshops with only one or couple projects/designs offered. However, you can customize your projects with personalization and you can choose to do your own colors.

Can I customize the colors of my project or do I need to do it like the picture on the website?

YES! You can choose from over 40 different paint and stain colors when you come to the workshop. You do NOT need to tell us before you come.

Are there age requirements for the workshop?

Most are for adults only but we do offer family nights and other kid friendly events through out the month. Please make sure you READ the workshop description to see who can come.

I would like to make more than one project at a workshop, can I?

WE understand you would like to do more than one project at a workshop but because of the time frame we allow for each workshop there just isn’t enough time to do more than one.

What is the price of the workshops?

The price starts at $32 and go up from there depending on the project you choose.

I’m not very crafty, are you sure I can do this?

Oh Defiantly! Our staff will take you step by step through each project to make sure your creation is just the way you want it! We welcome all skill levels!

I have some friends that are coming to a workshop with me, can we sit together?

YES!! You can all sit together!! Please send us an email or FB message 24 hours before the workshop to let us know who’s going to sit together. Or everyone can register under one name. Just make sure you choose everyone’s design and pay for everyone.

I would like to host my own workshop, can I do that?

You can book a Private Workshop for you can your friends / Family!! You can read more about our private workshops HERE! Our private workshop are great to celebrate birthdays, weddings, engagements, team building and so much more!!

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the custom nature of ALL our workshops, there are NO REFUNDS or exchanges of any kind.

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